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Crosta & Mollica Pizza Van

Converted ice cream van to pizza van...

Crosta & Mollica pizza sampling.

Using our converted ice cream van we drove the Crosta & Mollica pizza van to London. But instead of ice cream we handed out hundreds of frozen pizzas. With some fantastic pre-promotion from the Crosta & Mollica team we quickly created a queue which stretched as far as their pizza dough…

Crosta & Mollica pizza van

Usually we’d fill the ice cream van with chilled or frozen products. This time it was frozen pizzas. Hundreds of them. Our converted ice cream van has a large capacity chest freezer on board. This is powered by a rechargeable digital battery meaning clean, renewable energy for freezing. We were able to store the products on board and distribute them directly to consumers.

Pop-up pizza!

We created the full end-to-end activity including the event space. Our event team booked and managed the sampling site including all RAMS and health and safety. Having established the demographic and footfall for the location we arrived at 7am ready to go. By arriving on site nice and early we avoided pedestrians and gave the team plenty of time to set up.

Pizza sampling

Some event and sampling locations don’t allow distribution of a ‘full’ product. For example, we wouldn’t have been able to cook and hand out full, hot pizzas. However, these full size pizzas were frozen. This meant consumers could take a whole one home, rather than eating it on site. This meant the distribution rate was not only high, but very fast!

Sampling data

  • 500+ samples distributed
  • 4x hours/ 1x day
  • 1x major city (London)
  • 700+ consumer engagements
  • 1000+ consumer interactions
  • 570,000+ estimated visibility

Converted ice cream van

Our ice cream van is very versatile. One week it’s sampling frozen pizza. The next week it’s sampling dog treats. The benefits of using a branded promo vehicle are many.

Not least because:

  • seen by hundreds of 1000’s of people on the road
  • increases consumer dwell time/ product trial (novelty factor)
  • self-contained and self-powered (no need for a trailer/ low loader)
  • high visual impact (eg. high footfall pedestrian city centres)
  • multiple functionality (food sampling, tech demos, product launches)
  • 570,000+ estimated visibility
  • on-board storage (obvs)
  • economical (we get upto 58mpg in Vanessa)
  • Not as expensive as you think…