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Sustainable Sampling.

We create sustainable sampling solutions.

Sustainable sampling.

Sustainable sampling are buzzwords right now. But those two words don’t often go hand in hand. Distributing hundreds of thousands of pre-packaged sample products is not always very eco-friendly. But as times change, technology advances and public sentiment and brand perception become more important, so does sustainability in marketing. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped to make sampling more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly sampling.

There are so many simple ways to make a sampling campaign more eco-friendly and environmentally sound. Consumers expect to see how brands are positively contributing to the emissions they create and what they’re doing to improve their carbon footprints. Here’s a list of some of the considerations we implement:

Recycled or up-cycled materials.

  • reusing existing brand assets (re-wrap/ re-brand)
  • create brand assets from recyclable materials (like our sampling bins)
  • adapting existing assets to new formats (like backdrops)

Recycled or recyclable packaging.

  • ensuring main product sample uses recycled/ recyclable outer packaging
  • ensuring delivery boxes are separated and recycled
  • ensuring delivery pallets are reused or recycled as wood
  • ensuring product plastic is separated and recycled or disposed of responsibly

Renewable energy.

  • we use high-capacity digital power banks (rechargeable)
  • we use mobile solar panels to top-up our power banks
  • our power banks have up to 18,000W of power
  • ideal for main power source but also phones and peripherals
  • we stopped using dirty, noisy diesel generators in 2018

Reducing CO2 emissions.

  • sampling staff car share where possible
  • sampling staff locally sourced to reduce travel
  • we contribute to staff traveling by public transport

Economical logistics.

  • we plan the most economical schedules and travel routes
  • we combine practical logistics where possible
  • we make rolling cost efficiencies and pass back to the brand

Recyling sampling waste.

  • we donate all unused food products as follows:
  • to food banks where the product BBE allows
  • to ‘REFOOD’ where product is unusable (they convert it to energy!)

Eco-friendly sampling vans.

  • our  ice cream van  is an up cycled 1990 Ford Transit
  • it has far outlived its carbon footprint
  • it requires little or no maintenenace
  • eliminates the need for a brand new vehicle

The future of sampling is most definitely green(er). Brands are making changes to their ingredients and packaging, aware that consumers want them to be more environmentally friendly and responsible. By supporting the brands we work with, we can help make those changes and make sampling even more sustainable.