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Gold Billions Wafer Sampling

Hand to hand sampling for Mcvities Gold Billions wafer bar.

Gold Billions wafer bar sampling.

Mcvities Gold Billions sampling. As easy as it sounds right? Well, not too far off. Originally in a biscuit format, Mcvities turned this ludicrously popular product into a 60g chocolate wafer bar. And to help launch it into retailers and commuter hubs, we went sampling.

Gold Billions sampling

Using our famous branded sampling bins, we stocked our chiller van with tens of thousands of Mcvities Gold Billions bars. Booking and purchasing permits for Manchester and London, we strategically targeted commuters on their way to and from work.

Free chocolate samples

Of course it wasn’t hard to sample the tens of thousands of chocolate wafer bars. Distributing free chocolate is a pretty easy win. But there’s a greater strategy behind it. The principle was to introduce consumers to the new variant. The product includes a new caramel covering, larger format and wafer centre. Shortly to be listed at commuter hubs and retailers like WHSmith we positioned our sampling teams in proximity to the outlets.

Video feedback

As part of the campaign we gathered feedback through video voxpops. We asked consumers what they thought of the new bar, especially the taste. The feedback was incredibly positive overall, with 58 of the 60 consumers surveyed giving the product the thumbs up. This video data was invaluable for the brand, showing them exactly how shoppers felt right there and then. This provided a true insight into the brand’s target demographic.

Gold Billions data

  • 22,320 hand-2-hand samples
  • London and Manchester
  • 10x hours/ 2x days
  • 6x sampling bins
  • 6x sampling staff
  • 24,900+ consumer engagements
  • 30,000+ consumer interactions
  • 450,000+ estimated visibility
  • 60 video feedback clips

Retailer feedback

“Increased brand awareness and drive to purchase in WHSmith stores nationally. An overwhelmingly positive response to the product from consumers who participated in the taste test.”