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Head Office Sampling.

At Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, & Asda.

Head office sampling.

Head office sampling is one way to get your product in front of the big four retailers. Tesco head office sampling is our most popular location for brands who want to get their product into category buyers’ hands. But there are other head office retailers we can get you in front of. Sainsbury’s HQ in London is another example. Don’t wait for them to come to you – go straight to them. Not as easy at it looks, so read on to find out how…

Tesco head office sampling

Situated in Welwyn Garden City we can book sampling and event spaces at Tesco headquarters. There are a few options depending on the scale of the sampling but you can quite easily put your brand in front of around 1000 Tesco head office employees (and hopefully category buyers!). Probably the most accommodating of the big four retailers, there’s great scope to impress them. We’ve done this for a number of brands including Tofoo. Creating a ‘brand story’ in this format is a great way to present your marketing plans to a retailer like Tesco.

Sainsbury’s head office sampling

Get your brand front and centre outside Sainsbury’s HQ. Located in central London we’ve delivered 1500 samples to employees going in and out of the main building. But you can’t just turn up and hand out products. You must get the proper permits, permission, H&S and logistics. This is where we come in. We do all the fine detail and fussy stuff needed to get you outside Sainsbury’s head office. There’s also the benefit of sampling to consumers passing by as this is located on a public London street.

Morrisons headquarters sampling

Based up in sunny Yorkshire, good old Morrisons is a great place to show off your brand or product (see the Old Jamaica ice cream van above). With thousands of employees and buyers going in and out every single day, a highly visual, impactful promo vehicle or pop-up could be a great way to be seen. Engaging indirectly with the people you want to get in touch with could result in prompting them to get in touch. Alternative options include in-store sampling and foyer and/ or carpark sampling with a vehicle.

Asda head office sampling

Traditionally we’ve sampled inside the main foyer at Asda headquarters in Leeds. As you can see from the photos above the exclusive brand exposure to Asda employees is fantastic. There is also the potential option to sample outside the main entrance with a promotional vehicle or experiential pop up. Options have changed over the years but with our experience and relationships with retailers we can help put your brand in front of the right buyers.

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