Ritter Sport Chocolate Sampling

Sainsbury’s head office product sampling for Ritter Sport chocolate.

Targeting category buyers and brand managers with Ritter Sport chocolate sampling at Sainsbury’s head office Holborn, London.

We created and implemented a strategically led Ritter Sport chocolate sampling campaign specifically focussed on getting 24,000 limited edition Don Choco bars into the hands of the Sainbury’s head office team and shoppers in the area.

Sainsbury’s head office sampling

Ritter Sport wanted to put their new Don Choco bar directly in front of potential category buyers, brand managers and influential stakeholders at Sainsbury’s head office in Holborn, London. With no permissive access to the building itself we dressed our team members as the Don Choco sloth and Whole Hazelnut bar supported by a team of ten sampling staff and positioned them outside the main entrance. Our teams handed one bar to each and every person who entered the building from 7am ensuring that most, if not all, employees received a sample.

Targeted product sampling

As well as sampling to the employees of Sainsbury’s HQ we also sampled products to shoppers in the area. In order to capitalise on the brand activity, teams positioned themselves near to Sainsbury’s stores in the area. This ensured high visibility and relevance for Ritter Sport as the retailers had begun stocking the product.

Strategic chocolate sampling

When considering product sampling of this kind it’s important to think about the strategy behind it and the wider opportunities. Right time, right place, right people. By coordinating the sampling of the HQ and the retail store themselves over the same three day period we made sure Ritter Sport was seen and sampled in locations where consumers could actually buy the product. Proximity to retailers is a great way to create sampling memories and drive future purchases.

Campaign overview

  • 24,000+ samples distributed
  • 26,000+ consumer engagements
  • 1x location Sainsbury’s HQ
  • 6x brand ambassadors
  • 2x costume characters
  • 1x event manager

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