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B Corp Sampling Agency.

iMP is going for B Corp status.

B Corp Sampling Agency.

We’re going for B Corp sampling agency status. Why? As a sustainable sampling agency, we strive to leave the smallest carbon footprint and lowest environmental impact possible. This isn’t easy. Traditionally sampling agencies use carbon-heavy logistics and there’s often a lot of waste when food sampling. Packaging, cardboard, fuel – it all adds up. But these are just the environmental aspects. What about company governance, equal opportunities, company culture and how we run the business? Let’s take a look.

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a way for companies like iMP to subscribe to a higher standard of social and environmental performance. This includes transparency about how the business is built, run and managed and creating greater accountability for the thing we do. The B in B Corp stands for ‘Benefit’ {for all} which is the essence of the process.

Why does iMP want to B Corp?

There are a number of reasons why iMP having B Corp status would be a positive move. Here’s some thoughts:

  • commits us to be environmentally sustainable
  • encourages us to embrace social change
  • helps to benefit our community
  • empowers employees
  • makes us accountable to clients

B Corp status would enable us to help future-proof the business from an economical, social and environmental standpoint. It will make iMP a purpose driven business, creating benefit for all our stakeholders.

How will this benefit clients?

If iMP gains B Corp status it will mean a number of things for our clients and customers:

  • sustainability will become a greater metric
  • environmental impact will be more considered

By adopting this approach we’ll be able to pass these benefits back to our clients. This may be through cost, social value, climate impact or employee benefit. But much more than this, it will help our clients drive the change in the world that we, and they, seek. One of our clients, Pip & Nut are a great example of a B Corp that we align ourselves with.

For more information on what we’re doing to gain our B Corp status get in touch.